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  • The Future of Sun Protection is here.

  • Enjoy the health benefits of the sun without worries - Track your sun exposure with SunSense Pro.

The Future of Sun Protection is here.

Enjoy the health benefits of the sun without worries - Track your sun exposure with SunSense Pro. Buy SunSense Pro now

The Benefits of the Sun

Did you know that sun exposure has several benefits?

Increased Mental Health

Sunlight triggers the release of serotonin which helps improve our mood, feelings of well-being, and happiness.

Stronger Bones

Sun exposure leads the skin to produce vitamin D, which in turn is an important ingredient for healthy, strong bones.

Cancer Prevention

A moderate amount of sunlight actually has preventive benefits when it comes to certain types of cancer.

Healing Skin Conditions

Sun exposure might help treat skin conditions, too. Doctors recommend UV radiation exposure to treat: Psoriasis, Eczema, Jaundice, Acne.

But, the sun can also be harmful when not being consumed correctly!

Too much sun exposure can lead to pre-mature skin aging, can trigger skin conditions such as Lupus and most dramatically can lead to severe diseases such as skin cancer.

Develop Skin Cancer

Caused by UV Exposure

Deaths Every Hour

Meet SunSense Pro

SunSense Pro has been developed to enjoy the Benefits of the Sun while keeping related Risk at bay!

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One Tool to Enjoy the Sun like never before

SunSense Pro is an innovative wearable UV Tracker build upon state-of-the-art tech.

High Accuracy UV Sensor

State-of-the-art UV Sensor for accurate data.

Smartphone Connection

Seamless Bluetooth connection.

Analogue UV Dose Indicator

Flashing light indicating UV Dose.

Long Battery Life

Replaceable battery lasting for up to 4 years.

Wearable, Water-Resistant, Clip Design

Comfortable wear to fit your lifestyle.

The SunSense App

The free SunSense Phone App turns the data recorded by the SunSense Pro via a Bluetooth connection, into valuable information in order to give you the best protection from sunburns. You can also use the app without a SunSense device to plan your day in the sun, but then you miss out on real-time sensor data.

The SunSense App

It has never been easier to avoid sunburns - with our free SunSense App.

The Features

Donwload the Free SunSense App now

Happy SunSense Users

Incredibly practical! This little thing was almost indispensable on vacation in the Caribbean! Can be recommended! Should almost be mandated in such places.



Loved the product when I was hiking in the Norwegian mountains. No more sunburn worries!



I used SunSense Pro during the summer time as well as on trips to Hawaii and South Africa. It just gives me an ease-of-mind that I didn´t have before when sunbathing.



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